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  • adv. Violently forward, so as to strike something with one's face


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

face +‎ first


  • Treading water, he managed to shove her up onto the bank facefirst, her lower body still hanging into the river as he lifted himself out beside her.

    Healing the Highlander

  • But Batista quickly pulled him off the top of the cage and introduced the champ facefirst into all four sides of the unforgiving steel.

    WWE Championship

  • But when he stepped into it, his leg sank up to his knee, and he fell facefirst into a pool of water two feet deep.

    Rogue Wave

  • He fell facefirst onto the driveway and skidded a few inches, leaving a trail of his skin on the concrete.

    Tough Customer

  • Jake got out the big brass key and turned the lock and the door to Room 14 opened and she thought she would faint right there, facefirst onto the bed.

    Come Again No More

  • “I had a little too much to drink and fell facefirst into a brick wall.”

    Johanna Lindsey

  • Lifting the arms of a handcuffed man up behind his back while tripping him facefirst onto a concrete cell-block floor causing skull fracture and permanent brain damage is "more force than was necessary" but not "police brutality", concluded Robert Hutchison, retired B.C. Supreme Court Justice acting as adjudicator for the B.C. Police Complaint Commission, "reluctantly" yesterday.

    Underwriting police brutality in BC

  • He clutched his groin with both hands and dropped to his knees, then toppled facefirst onto the ground.


  • Not that jail shouldn't be feared, but the fact is, so many activists and everyday people before me swallowed those fears and walked facefirst into the fire. 40 years later, I sit here reaping the benefits.

    Stacy Parker Aab: When Jail is the Price of Freedom: A Reality Check, Courtesy of MLK

  • He stopped, just five feet away from the demon when it fell over, facefirst into the water.

    A Dirty Job HTML


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