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  • n. paint used to decorate people's faces.


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face +‎ paint


  • TrikYodz (UID#1103) on November 22nd, 2009 at 6: 51 pm that goth kid looks like gunface with orange facepaint on.

    Difference Between Theists, Agnostics and Atheists | My[confined]Space

  • Luke Carlsen, a manager at Effin's, a local sports bar, says he's had to turn away plenty of students who come in on game nightswearing masks or heavy facepaint, which makes it impossible to tell if their faces match their IDs.

    America's Newest Basketball School

  • The Icelandic singer made a typically eye-popping entrance on huge platform shoes and sporting blue and white facepaint.

    Bjork – review

  • Gotta admire a woman who posts a picture of herself in camo facepaint after a duck hunt.

    Why I Hate the Booth Babe Story, a Guest Editorial by Holly A.

  • I will be wearing Vuurdoorn's outfit, without the facepaint because I will be meeting my editor for the first time.

    The Privacy Coalition

  • "I did not, I swear!" or "that was a really sneaky thing to do" while they fiddle with their uncomfortable costumes and pick at their faded facepaint and the sunburn on their shoulders and faces.


  • After they left last night, I sewed more leaves to Vuurdoorn's dress and I'm still thinking whether I should use yellow or beige as a base colour for Vuurdoorn's facepaint.


  • We are both still going to add more leaves to the outfits and we need to work a little more ont he facepaint, but we are soooo ready and bouncy for Kederan!

    First pictures of Vuurdoorn and Maretak

  • I too would like a contingent of Republicans identifiable as “Freedom Fighters,” perhaps with Mel Gibson Robert the Bruce blue facepaint, Afghan Mujahedeen garb, and maybe a couple of FDN patches.

    Matthew Yglesias » DeMint’s Remnant

  • March 5th, 2010 at 2: 51 pm linzloo08 brought to you by I Want My Country Back, Inc.!! says: tombaker says: wittynamehere says: I am a raging closet queen, desperate to be roughly barebacked by a ripped dude in camo facepaint.

    Think Progress » Pentagon Shooter Was Right-Wing, Anti-Government Terrorist


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