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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of factorize.


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  • This implies that, whenever the overall statevector factorizes into the product of a state of the Hilbert space of the physical system S and of the rest of the world, S does possess some properties

    Collapse Theories

  • The joint probability of any distinct, correlated events, x and y, which are not causally connected to each other, factorizes upon the union of their partial

    Action at a Distance in Quantum Mechanics

  • The idea is that the probability of each of the outcomes is determined by ˜local events,™ i.e., events that are confined to its backward light-cone, and which can only exert subluminal or luminal influences on it (see Figure 3 below); and the distant outcomes are fundamentally independent of each other, and thus their joint probability factorizes.

    Action at a Distance in Quantum Mechanics

  • In sections 5-7, we considered the nature of quantum non-locality as depicted by theories that violate factorizability, i.e., the assumption that the probability of joint measurement outcomes factorizes into the single probabilities of these outcomes.

    Action at a Distance in Quantum Mechanics

  • For recall that in this theory the state of a system does not consist in its wave function, but rather in the system's position, and the position of a composite system always factorizes into the positions of its subsystems.

    Action at a Distance in Quantum Mechanics

  • The argument that Maxwell had given in 1860 to single out this distribution relied on the fact that this is the only probability distribution that is both spherically symmetric and factorizes into functions of the orthogonal components

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

  • - 1 factorizes as 23×89, so it's a Mersenne number but not a Mersenne prime.

    National Review Online


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