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  • n. The state or quality of being factual
  • n. That which is factual

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  • n. The quality of being factual; genuineness.

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  • n. the quality of being actual or based on fact


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factual +‎ -ity


  • The core of the actual evidential argument, once you strip away the assertion of factuality, is that the term "outcry" is consistently used to relate to murder victims, and that we should therefore consider it to mean murder victims on the context of Sodom.

    Wisdom, Justice And Mercy

  • His previous Booker winner, Life of PI, deals with all sorts of interesting questions, among them the idea of factuality challenging belief and imagination.

    Story to Forget

  • The newly-created "factuality" department was shut down, as Roger Ailes claimed due dilligence was done.

    So ... "Hunter" ... how's that Sarah Palin worship working out?

  • It would convene its board of trustees to establish the "factuality" of Independent Democrats leader Patricia De Lille's claims.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • So, professor, there's another slip of your "factuality" for you — and not pennyante either!

    Nelson Algren: An Exchange

  • Its 'factuality' was sealed by draconian laws and its reasoning was secured by social and political settings.

    Palestine Blogs aggregator

  • The book "Cybil" is based on the life of Shirley Ardell Mason and she and Dr. Wilbur worked on the factuality of the content and was one of the first publications to bring to public eye "Disassociative Identity Disorder" or commonly called "Multiple Personality Disorder".

    Weiner: Obama speech may end 'Sybil' health-care message

  • But Banksy and his crew have stopped bickering with the disbelieving public about factuality for a moment, as they are now embroiled in another dispute, this time with Joachim Levy.

    ARTINFO: As Oscar Approaches, Swiss Filmmaker Wants His Name on Banksy's Movie Too

  • Thoughtful reporting, bolstered by the two-source minimum rule to assure factuality has been replaced with rumor-mongering, emotional appeals and attacks on people's characters -- precisely the opposite of what ethical journalism should be.

    Maria Armoudian: The True Scandals of Murdoch's News Corps Are Much Worse Than Phone-Hacking

  • The foundation of Darwinism is further weakened by the fact that those who seem loudest in claiming factuality and proven science for their belief seem to ignore the mathematics and probabilities – and the arguments of the hard science of physics, e.g. the Big Bang (from where did the enormous amount of energy come – that was transformed into all the “matter” comprising our universe?).

    Monster Science | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles


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