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  • n. Plural form of faddist.


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  • A study of the so-called "faddists" outside of Parliament and their attempts to exert some sort of political influence.

    This Week's Acquisitions

  • When he left America the woman suffrage movement in New York was a subject of more or less ridicule; a few wealthy women had begun to identify themselves with it, but they were called "faddists" and their efforts were not taken seriously.

    An American Suffragette

  • It is natural, of course, that the "faddists" should be among Mr. Punch's most impatient critics, because "fad" and "cant" have always been _Punch's_ pet ground-game that he loves to run to earth.

    The History of "Punch"

  • In consequence of this latter fact, there are great numbers of skilful physicians who say nothing about alcohol lest they be considered "faddists," and lose practice, but who never prescribe it unless it is asked for by the patient or his friends.

    Alcohol: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Medicine, How and Why What Medical Writers Say

  • Of the journals which profess letters The Academy has ever been my friend and I have still the honour of corresponding with it: we are called "faddists" probably from our "fad" of signing our articles and thus enabling the criticised to criticise the critic.

    Arabian nights. English

  • Other suggested treatments for diabetes are noncontroversial in another sense: Only a few faddists take them seriously.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Are Carbs Worse than Fat?

  • It described the daily adventures of the "paleos" or "urban cavemen," a group of diet faddists who try to recapture the vitality of our prehistoric ancestors.

    The Rise of the Reactionary Right

  • Most diet faddists are single-issue fanatics of the worst kind.

    Giving evidence to the Chilcot inquiry, Tony Blair said: “I...

  • "The fanatical food faddists that lurk in the so-called intellectual centres of the self-sufficient East have, through their insidious and poisonous propaganda against the use of white bread, cut down the national consumption of wheat to the point where the farmer must produce it at a loss," exclaimed one irate white-bread loyalist representing 6,000 Kansas hotels and restaurants that aimed to "return white bread to a semblance of its former prestige."

    In our foodie culture, white bread is toast

  • Beware the silly and exaggerated claims of the propagandist food faddists.

    How Good for You Is Kefir?


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