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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of faff.


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  • And I kind of faffed around as I was growing up but didn't start doing anything serious till I did my BA in Communications and worked towards a professional writing major.

    Something to think about ...

  • You've got to think that if Mancini spoke the same language as his medical staff he wouldn't have faffed about waiting endless minutes for them to stitch up Zabaleta.

    Manchester City 1-2 Everton | Premier League match report

  • Stuart was rude and obnoxious on a whole new level, whilst Sandeesh faffed around and got herself fired.

    The Apprentice ? week eight live blog

  • So after everyone patiently waited whilst I faffed around to sort myself out, we did the thing we had to do.

    Last night I read for fun!

  • I had a lovely lazy breakfast with maelkann and faffed about on the internet n stuff.

    the weekend that was

  • In Darfur we faffed around with various ideas and strategies just long enough for one of the first genocides of the 21st century to take place.

    We are all neocons now

  • I finished my first novel in 3 months to meet a deadline for a novel contest - and that after I'd faffed around with it for five years.

    Hey NaNoWRIMo, do the right thing here, ok?

  • I've just rushed home after doing an interview with some nice people at for Shanghai TV about UK foreign policy and international terrorism, and now am sat here in the dark ( can't be faffed to go and find a lightbulb), clicking away whilst eating roast chicken pieces out of the packet ( can't be arsed to cook) .

    Archive 2006-09-01

  • So I faffed around for an hour, reading Laurell K. Hamilton's ' of Twilight' or something like that.

    catpewk Diary Entry

  • I quite liked it, just the fact that it was on really, plus I was falling asleep and every time a fall song came on I jerked awake in horror and faffed around trying to turn the tape to record, thus I'm missing the start of the last track!

    FallNet - the creeping nobodies


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