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  • n. Plural form of fag-end.


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  • October is usually Parliament's "wash-up" period, where the fag-ends of bills are sorted and the content of the Queen's speech remains officially a mystery.

    Gaining the ears of power: your voices can still be heard

  • I have to sit still and be tortured with his infernal discords, and fag-ends of tunes which were worn out and discarded before ‘Roll on—Sil-ver Moo-oon’ became popular, strung together without regard to taste, time, melody, or the eternal fitness of things.


  • Everybody had gone home and the remnants of the night were strewn about the room like memories, empty pitchers of beer and lipstick-stained whiskey glasses covered the tables, black plastic ashtrays overflowing with fag-ends and ashes.

    The Dadlands Saloon

  • I considered the pie done with; as, for example, by emptying fag-ends of glasses of wine into it; putting cheese-plates and spoons into it, as into

    The Holly-Tree

  • Look at Paddy — a tea-swilling old moocher, only fit to scrounge for fag-ends.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • I would guide them myself to Rumm, in the first critical march through the fag-ends of Howeitat about Akaba.

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom

  • On the smooth beaches and in the silent bush, where time is not regulated by formalities or shackled by conventions, there delicious lapses — fag-ends of the day to be utilised in a dreamy mood which observes and accepts the happenings of Nature without disturbing the shyest of her manifestations or permitting

    Tropic Days

  • The air beyond is blue from cigarettes smoked and as fag-ends later in the freezing black morning shifts resmoked, a stale and loathsome atmosphere.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • Webley Silvernail and Rollo Groast go sneaky-Peteing away down the corridors, nipping into people's offices to see if there are any smokable fag-ends to be looted.

    Gravity's Rainbow

  • It exhibited, however, the pathological orderliness of an army barracks and had the same smell: a compound of boot-polish, leather, fag-ends, heavy cloth and an indefinable stale masculinity.

    Tied Up in Tinsel


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