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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of fail.


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  • Otaheitans for their chiefs, which they never fail'd to express upon all occasions, gave us great reason to suppose that they consider themselves as one family, and respect their eldest born in the persons of their chiefs.

    Letter 63

  • Kindness; for the last of which he thought she had no Reason; for though he was long absent, and far distant, yet he had not fail'd to give her perpetual Assurances in Writing, not reflecting how difficult, if not impossible, it is in those Places for Letters to come to the Hands of the

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • Parnassus, and foolish Romantick Flights, with Icarus; whose waxen Wings fail'd him so as to let him fall into the Sea; which indeed purchas'd him a Name, but became the perpetual Record of his Folly:

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • After the High − Priest was return'd to Memphis, the Place of his proper Abode, his Mother (my Nurse) fail'd not to mind me of what he had said, (she having been present at this Discourse) always alledging the


  • In fine, I was absorp'd in Sorrow, and loaden with Afflictions, without Prospect of Alleviation, except what I receiv'd from the poor Cordiala, whose discreet Words often calm'd my Passion; they were as Balm to a Mind enflam'd with Sorrow, and when those salutary Remedies fail'd, she try'd to charm me with the Musick of her Voice or Instrument, for in both these she was perfect, even to


  • Morning, the Princess, and divers of the Lords were apprehended and imprison'd; of all which the Queen fail'd not to advertise me in my


  • Thing else, I have fail'd to gratify the Reader's Expectation, I am very ready to beg Pardon, correct, and amend.


  • Marcellus, and he as soon knew me thro 'the Veil with which I was cover'd, and accompanying me out of the Temple, he fail'd not to enforce the propitious Answer of the Gods, to justify his Pretensions, and obtain my Consent, which, embellish'd by his Wit and Gallantry, put me so far to


  • Shameful as it may have been to own it were I alive, there were Years when I fail'd the Test.

    Should a 10-year-old be permitted to go hunting?

  •     Ere I, in hate's last hour, false heart, fail'd thee to deliver.

    Poems and Fragments


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