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  • adv. In a failing manner.


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failing +‎ -ly


  • Even if this story were true, the Obama campaign has to be concious of the fact that such a move would run starkly contrary to their public narrative, especially with the Hillary campaign (thus far, failingly) trying to reposition itself as some sort of populist insurgency.

    Obama Campaign Denies They Have North Carolina Congressional Delegation Locked Up

  • The society should make these pronouncements just as they continually remind it's citizens of the horrors of the Holocaust without anyone EVER failingly to understand the significance or assert the progress made despiteit being GERMAN history and not events that occurred forover onehundred years onAmerican soil.

    Obama Responds To Biden's Comments: "Historically Inaccurate"

  • Every once in awhile the headliners fall off the wagon and find their heads in a serious hat, where they're fully capable and failingly human, but it's snark that's historically proven to deflate pomposity far faster than any serious 'analysis'.

    Apparently, no one loves us anymore.

  • These unknown, nameless torture victims are paying the price for the right wing "tough on terrorism" talking points that the Republican party failingly used in the last election, and continue to failingly use.

    Courtesy of the USA; Rape and Torture of Heroes of Democracy

  • It is time to take back the Democratic party from the right wing, loser hacks who have been fumblingly, failingly controlling it and the candidates put forward.

    No Filibuster, No Re-Election for Blue State Senators

  • Okay so my resolution to put away £25 a month unfailingly is going … well, failingly.

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Baby boomers who want to “live on the edge”, failingly grasping at the last of their youth, and buy a modern rock record

    What caused the resurgence of Nickelback? |

  • "How much happier," its author sternly reminds us, "was poor Don Quixote in his energetic career, in his earnest redress of wrong, and in his ultimate triumph over self, than he could have been in the gnawing reproach and spiritual stigma which a yielding to weakness never failingly entails!"

    Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor

  • You, in an inactive little spot, cannot wish more impatiently for every post that has the probability of a letter, than I, in all the turbulence of London, do constantly, never-failingly, for letters from you.

    The Letters of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford — Volume 2

  • Apostate failingly attempted to reinstate it in the stead of Christianity, and ended his attempt with his death-bed cry of defeat, "You have conquered, Galilean!".

    Reformation Theology


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