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  • This hope has been boosted by the general scientism (worshiping at the mantel of what is supposedly scientific) of American culture, and mythical -- often faked-up -- descriptions of identical twins reared apart who are perfect replicas of one another.

    Stanton Peele: Human Genome Project: We Discover Much that Genetics Can't Tell Us

  • Not faked-up, politically self-serving scary, like the arguments Rove advanced in February to frame opposition to the stimulus package Obey crafted in the House.

    GOP Know-Nothings Fought Pandemic Preparedness

  • We get the American Petroleum Institute creating and coordinating faked-up events in which energy companies bus their employees over for lunchtime rallies that masquerade as spontaneous outbursts of public enthusiasm.

    Kevin Grandia: Bonner & Associates: The Long and Undemocratic History of Astroturfing

  • Now you've got me imagining a faked-up shooting of Palin or McCain supposedly by an infuriated Obama supporter, publicity from which sweeps them into office.

    Palin Supporter To Black Sound Man: "Sit Down, Boy"

  • Not that that will stop them from shrieeeeeking about their trampled 'freedom to lie, make outrageous analogies, show faked-up gory pictures and shame and intimidate people'.

    Told ya so, told ya so, told ya so ...

  • They plan to destroy London with orbital beam weapons (Goldeneye) or Los Angeles with artificially triggered earthquakes (A View To A Kill) or the entire Royal Navy in a faked-up war with China (Tomorrow Never Dies) or Istanbul with a hijacked nuclear warhead (The World Is Not Enough)!

    Matthew Yglesias » A Touch of Swarth

  • The idea was that the Democratic candidates would be so busy fighting off the faked-up Swift Boat charges of voter fraud that they would lose the election, thus preserving the Land of Enchantment for the GOP.

    Nothing to See Here-Move On Dot ARRGH

  • This Korean art exhibition explores the fictional anatomy of cartoon characters, with elaborate faked-up skeletons for Looney Toons characters, anatomical drawings of Mickey and friends, and many other artifacts from the study of toon anatomy.

    - Boing Boing

  • But the real importance of Ted Kennedy tonight is it's the beginning of real events, as opposed to faked-up polls, instant analysis.

    CNN Transcript Aug 25, 2008

  • Unlike the editor of Blue Peter when the programme was found to have faked-up a competition to name a new cat for the programme.

    November 16th, 2007


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