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  • n. A person who seeks to deceive others.
  • n. A user account on a social networking site with a profile containing information of a false, satirical, or promotional nature.
  • n. A person who affects a behavior, style, or attitude.


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fake +‎ -ster


  • The "hipster" in the video is cleary a "fakester" as he is clearly seen going through an intersection 2:33 while the light was still green.

    BSNYC Quiz Day Fun Fry!

  • BRING ON THE CHAMPANE!!! soooo back to Alice if they WANNA MAKE HER BROWN HAIRED fine! but she better make a good alice o i might just have to learn murder skills to use on that non-bottle blonde fakester quich of hers.

    Stephenie Meyer Talks More About the Twilight Movie «

  • It started on Friendster as a fakester, a grad student's "pop culture parody written in cod-Middle English by a Chaucerian persona."



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