from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Gay ornaments; frippery; gewgaws.


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  • These would pay for the feed and the rest of the fal-lals ten times over.

    Robbery Under Arms

  • You can have all the cash you want for the house and all you want for your fal-lals.

    Gone with the Wind

  • "What's thet gotter do with a lot of foolish fal-lals an 'rigamagigs belonging to a gal that I've taken in --"

    Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill Or, Jasper Parloe's Secret

  • Let her pick out the goods, all the fal-lals that go with it, and a pattern to make it by.

    Ruth Fielding of the Red Mill Or, Jasper Parloe's Secret

  • She worked out all her most troublesome sums, brushed and curled her hair; bore many of her punishments; brought her numberless fal-lals (keepsakes she called them); wore a lock of her golden hair in a locket around her neck, and told her all of her secrets -- she had as many as ten a week sometimes.

    An Australian Lassie

  • Her, an 'her fine dresses that she never payed for wi' money an 'her fal-lals.

    The Underworld The Story of Robert Sinclair, Miner

  • Road near Maidenhead Thicket -- my favourite trysting place with foolish dames who travel with their trinkets and fal-lals.

    Madame Flirt A Romance of 'The Beggar's Opera'

  • Europe might go up in flames and the pillars of the world be shaken, but the Rectory drawing-room, the Rectory customs, Aunt Sophy and her fal-lals, were consolingly permanent.

    The Key

  • They were foragers of feminine fal-lals, and their booty would be distributed from oyster cove to orange grove.

    Cheerful—By Request

  • 'Rough, good-humoured fellers like us don't need apologies, or any social fal-lals at all.

    The Magic Pudding


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