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  • n. Plural form of falconer.


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  • The Fish and Wildlife Services will likely be tasked with getting the hawk out, though many area falconers have also offered their services.

    Hawk in Library of Congress

  • I've heard falconers say that a goshawk is like a loaded gun: you know it will go off but you don't know when.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • All falconers and most scientists know that eagles can take large prey -- the amazing thing is that Cat Urbigkit (at My blog Querencia) recently captured on camera what biologists that work with pronghorns know: the defense flocking of antelope in response to an eagle.

    Eagle Predation

  • The Humane Society and a team of falconers from Charlottesville, VA, are assisting in the bird's capture.

    Hawk still stalks Library of Congress

  • He says there are over 1000 serious falconers in Bahrain.

    Richard Bangs: Bahrain: Once Was Paradise, Part 3

  • And the subject of the documentary, a man named Alan Parrot, one of the world's foremost falconers living in Iran, says he's spoken to Osama bin Laden several times since 2003.

    Ahmadinejad: Osama Bin Laden Is In D.C. (VIDEO)

  • Her grandmother, Fran Hammerstrom, a legend among falconers and birders alike, was a pioneer in banding hawks and rehabilitating injured birds, and the first to successfully breed endangered golden eagles in captivity.


  • Falconry also has a language all its own, known only by the shared brotherhood of fellow falconers.


  • Yves-Marie de Malleray is a French painter of Arabian horses, wild camels and the Houbara birds that Arab falconers hunt.


  • Decades later, he meets up with a small band of falconers in Wyoming's sagebrush, a wilderness being overrun by Halliburton.

    May 2007 Table of Contents


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