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  • adv. In a fallible manner

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. In a fallible manner.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a fallible manner; mistakenly or deceptively.


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  • In matters of faith and morals - proclaimed either "fallibly" or "infallibly" by the Catholic Church - the bishops have an authoritative role as teacher.


  • Poets are as fallibly human as anyone else, and surely Cordle did not assume that writing poetry afforded some kind of exemption from this truth.

    Writing and Publishing

  • The more the campaign went on, the more fallibly human he realised they were.

    The Saturday interview: Brian Paddick

  • They were human, fallibly human, and like us; they took pleasure and delight in the trivial joys of fashion.

    From Alzheimer's to Auschwitz at 32,000 Feet

  • If Montaigne marks the beginning of modernity, it is because he tells us exactly what he is like; how he sees the world, fallibly and yet honestly; and because there was no book in the world like it before, and we are still writing books rather like it today.

    Addle-pated modernist

  • It's one thing to ask how a fallible human fallibly but sufficiently understands an inerrant text and quite another when the text has problems.

    Quote of the Day (Denis Diderot)

  • Moreover, they have confidence that, just as they are fallible human beings who nonetheless have something important to share, so too the earliest Christians may have written fallibly and yet still have something important to share.

    A Parable and a Testimony

  • It is to assert several independent things: first, that there is the possibility of (fallibly) objective knowledge of social facts; second, that there are “social facts” to be known – that is, there are some mind- or interpretation-independent things that happen and can be the subject of knowledge; and third (questionably), that there are categories of higher-level social entities that “really” exist in the way that some philosophers say that natural kinds exist.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • What I like is that everyone is portrayed as horribly and fallibly human.

    mad men too real

  • And this access we have, at least in principle, if fitness is a matter of differences in the solution of identifiable design-problems, that is, if there is such a thing as ecological fitness and it is (fallibly) measured by probabilistic propensities to leave offspring.



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