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  • n. Plural form of faltering.


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  • But we had had in the fall and winter of '06-'07 the first falterings of some U.S. non-bank financials in the subprime area, New Century and others, that had begun to stumble with large amounts of default in recent loans.

    Rob Johnson: Jim Chanos Warned Brown, Geithner, and Others about Coming Financial Crash in 2007

  • A judiciously small quantity of the spirit was given him in a wineglass, and he began to convey it to his mouth, with all kinds of falterings and gyrations on the road.

    Our Mutual Friend

  • After many falterings and a few disasters, America again has the opportunity to lead the way into space.

    NASA Watch: Policy: January 2004 Archives

  • I don't think anyone outside of 700 walnut knows what this local party is all about, and I think that is part of the problem with Republicans challenging in city-politics, yes there are demographic challenges, but people really may be ready for an alternative given the recent falterings of the city, but there is no definable alternative.

    Portman: Time For New Contract With America

  • Let us suppose it was one of those falterings of faith, which try the best men, that just now made him feel a little queer, and gave his thoughts about Mark Wylder, now grown habitual, that new and ghastly complexion which made the situation so unpleasant.

    Wylder's Hand

  • We became lovers with none of the usual falterings and tentativeness.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • The ascent to the throne room of the White House by the man with the code name Little Prick was not without its ceremonial falterings and sundry spiteful amusements, as G.

    Closing Time

  • It was the perfect balance she had held between their loyalty to others and their honesty to themselves that had so stirred and yet tranquillized him; a balance not artfully calculated, as her tears and her falterings showed, but resulting naturally from her unabashed sincerity.

    The Age of Innocence

  • It was the place of his efforts and satisfactions (joys perhaps he should not call them), of his falterings and his hopes.

    Lifted Masks; stories

  • Only Mr. W.B. Yeats of them all has more "natural falterings" in his verse than she.

    Irish Plays and Playwrights


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