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  • adv. Within a family; among blood relatives
  • adv. In regard to family


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familial +‎ -ly


  • OH helped on that so I see that as not cheating but more familially collaborating...

    Quick crossword No 12,702

  • Plus, there's Michelle's habit of deprecating her husband regarding domestic issues (familially speaking, that is, like the not putting the butter away, and stinky comments) in interviews (something I don't recall Laura ever doing regarding her husband).

    Mother-in-Law in the White House.

  • It makes me extremely valuable to certain clients in certain ways, because despite all the incessant rhetoric to the contrary, relatively few people are competent, committed, independent, self-motived and flexible enough not to mention technologically and familially equipped to reliably work that way, without fuss.

    Why put such a negative spin on the desire to leave a message instead of reaching somebody when you call on the phone?

  • He may seek out retribution financially, familially suing for custody of the children, and even physically.

    Is Domestic Violence Grounds for Divorce?

  • A literal reading of a sentence like this is borne out by Victor's projected, familially approved union with his cousin-sister Elizabeth, not to mention the addition of Caroline Beaufort to the Frankenstein family first as Alphonse's daughter, then as his wifeas if entering the family were the prerequisite for becoming a sexual partner.

    Patriarchal Fantasy and the Fecal Child in Mary Shelley's _Frankenstein_ and its Adaptations

  • Today her goal is to collect fecal samples from five different females, one called Louise, one called Didi, the familially named Robin and Arlene, and Cher.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • That, in and of itself, really ought to be a book that I would write on how someone utterly unaffected, familially -- my whole family was in America during the Holocaust -- would be so affected by something that never happened to himself or any member of his family.

    Think a Second Time

  • In a video featured on the YWC Web site, Tancredo claims "a lot of people come here ... not desiring to disconnect [from the past] linguistically, familially, culturally, or even sometimes politically," thus threatening our way of life.

    Independent Weekly: All Recent Stories

  • The bottom-line question might well be: Can a species that’s been hard-wired over a million years to be short-term, personally/familially-oriented, and anecdotal cope with problems that require long-term planning and wide-spread consensus? —

    August « 2007 « L.E. Modesitt, Jr. – The Official Website

  • 'familially raped' by the Department of Child, Youth, - Business News


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