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  • n. Plural form of familiarity.


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  • Many attorneys can add these areas to their own individual practices or gain insights and familiarities that they might not have learned otherwise.

    Saul Segan: You Can See It in the Faces

  • But the reason I place The Wheel of Time at the top of this list is because Jordan was able to make his world and structure his own despite its familiarities with Lord of the Rings.

    Friday Top 5: Epic Fantasy

  • Now, remembering that Schwarzschild coordinates are just a choice of coordinate system, we can choose to redefine our, in order to agree with our Newtonian familiarities as,

    “Black Holes – a Simplified Theory for Quantum Gravity Non-Specialists”

  • Almost entirely missing are the familiarities of the European theater, replaced either by utter foreignness or by a near absence of context beyond the killing.

    Getting Their Guns Off

  • Grateful for small-town familiarities, she punched out the number of the Tucker Police Department and explained the problem to the deputy chief, who promised to check the roads and Mara's house and sounded delighted to have something to do.

    Broken Symmetry

  • Essentially, COGS ties these works together by playing off of the listener's familiarities with these genres and re-contextualizing them within a coming-of-age crime drama set in a mythical, jungle metropolis.

    Ben Arnon: City of God's Son: A Hip-Hop Soundscape

  • The characters have no distinct memories of the things that happened the other time through, but some vague familiarities now and then.

    The Tail Section » Scant Season Four Details

  • He wanted cuddles and his own toys in his own house with all the little familiarities around him.

    A Mauritian Dream - Short story

  • Earlier this year, the Capitol Hill Women's Political Caucus, a group of some 300 mostly staffers, published a sexual-harassment policy that censors a range of behavior from outright propositions to the "abuse of familiarities ... such as honey, sweetheart, darling, dear or baby."

    Congress: The Ultimate Men's Club

  • He spent three decades at the foot of America's bed, which, at least in our eyes, entitled us to certain familiarities: autograph vultures have even accosted Carson at urinals.

    Stranger In The Night


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