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  • n. Alternative spelling of fancy pants. The condition of being overly showy; concerned more about one's reputation than anything else.


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fancy +‎ -pants


  • Why not just leave the "fancypants" writers to the fancypants readers and otherwise ignore them?

    Art and Culture

  • I made your "fancypants" King Ranch Chicken last night for my KRC-fanatic husband, and your version is truly the best I have ever, ever tasted!

    King Ranch Chicken | Homesick Texan

  • I tried your "fancypants" recipe and it was just AMAZING!

    King Ranch Chicken | Homesick Texan

  • It is also strange that for someone as smart and successful as she is, Oprah is oddly unworldly and unsophisticated. fancypants

    Oprah is pondering some big changes -- but it's not the first time |

  • The Bills got to 3-0 and the AFC East penthouse after a shocking 34-31 upset of the fancypants New England Patriots.

    The 'Something Has to Give' Bowl

  • Seriously had this same conversation a couple of weeks ago since i figured out my own blog topics are all over the place. i actually bought my name and have a blog with categories.freaky. (though, I dont guest post or have columns on big with blogs, so not quite the fancypants you are, still relevant, sorta) Still figuring stuff out so will now be watching what you do very closely!

    I NEED YOUR OPINIONS! What should the future of Johnny B. look like? | Johnny B. Truant

  • This can be done not to satisfy the fancypants vanity of the overeducated instructor but to enhance every individual reader's ability to have a fully satisfying reading experience, an experience that includes but goes beyond extracting "meaning" and allows the reader to reconstruct the aesthetic strategies the author employed in embodying meaning, and in some cases to perceive effects of both manner and meaning of which the author him/herself was not necessarily aware.

    Literary Study

  • That's not David striking down a fancypants Goliath.

    This Is Dallas's Moment, Not Cleveland's

  • Odds are good you're paying out the nose for that fancypants degree; make your program bring in real live agents! real live editors! and real live publishing professionals! who can talk you through the process and explain how the industry works.

    Archive 2010-04-01

  • You need to be freakishly talented to get plucked from its slushpile, but it happens Our job, Author-friends, is more or less to serve as a human spam filter, and if some hapless unpaid long-suffering intern at some fancypants magazine has already done the work for us, we are guaranteed to be pleased.

    Archive 2009-10-01


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