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  • n. Unofficial, unlicensed fictional stories about celebrities or fictional characters, written by fans.


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Compound of Fan+Fiction


  • Because my own experience with fanfiction is that it grows out of particularly vivid characterization, worldbuilding, and/or plot development by the canonical author.

    Ideas Between the Lines «

  • Sometimes though, as with actual fanfic, you get a dud, and one of the more common causes for bad fanfiction is the inclusion of the infamous Mary Sue character type.

    Review: Terminator Salvation « BAHAY TALINHAGA

  • Now, I know that we all get excited when we find a treat in fanfiction and we spread the word.

    Announcing a New Community... unsung_dw

  • There is a unilateral ban on discussion of tentacles in fanfiction in my journal, effective immediately. eta: if you dont already know, you dont want to know. trust me.

    oh wait, some manflesh.

  • While 99% of fanfiction is usually crap that's wish fulfillment on the part of the fan fiction author, I have read some very good fan fiction that explored some of the ways a story might have gone when multiple pathways are presented (or that deconstructs the story when the story itself is something silly or ridiculous).

    Someone Is Angry On the Internet

  • At its core, fanfiction is harmless, and could be taken as a writing exercise.

    A Few More Last Words

  • A number of now-published for their original stories authors have started in fanfiction, have learned how to make stories that others enjoy, and have gone on to create original works for a larger audience.

    A Few More Last Words

  • I understand that squarshing fanfiction is about futile as policing porn, but if you take out the venue, the band will head back to the garage, where only the neighbors have to listen to their crappy tunes.

    A Few Last Words

  • Slash fanfiction is almost entirely written and read by women, at least as far as I've seen.

    mroctober: an interview

  • At best they could indicate Xena fanfiction is inside .. except fan magazines would have more interesting Xena-inspired artwork on their covers.

    Realms of Fantasy Covers


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