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  • n. A prop; a taking up; a new thing.
  • n. Something newly fashioned; a novelty, a new fancy.
  • n. A foolish innovation; a gewgaw; a trifling ornament.
  • n. A conceit; whim.
  • v. To fashion, manufacture, invent, or create.
  • v. To trim showily; entangle; hang about.
  • v. To waste time; trifle.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. Something new-fashioned; a foolish innovation; a gewgaw; a trifling ornament.
  • transitive v. To fashion.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To trifle.
  • n. A new fancy; a novelty; a fancy.
  • n. A large, irregular bundle of straw tied together at intervals, and serving as a torch.


From Middle English fangelen (v), from fangel ("inclined to take", adjective), from Old English *fangol, *fangel ("inclined to take"), from fōn ("to take, seize"). Compare Old English andfangol ("undertaker, contractor"), Old English underfangelnes ("undertaking, hospitality"), Middle English fangen ("to take, seize, catch"). More at fang, onfang. (Wiktionary)
Derived erroneously from new-fangle (adjective) as if new + fangle (noun). See newfangle. (Wiktionary)



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