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  • n. One who fansubs: an amateur translator of subtitles.


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fansub +‎ -er


  • Seriously if people make it such a big deal, then go make a complaint to the fansubber who mispelled her name in season one, or I guess the author for having her name spelled out as Holo.

    Spice and Wolf Unveiled!

  • Anime News Network has an interview with an older fansubber.

    It Ain't Just U.S. Animation ...

  • In the fansubber community this is called “hard subtitles” as opposed to “soft subtitles” which are subtitles that stay in a text file and are loaded separately to the video file into a media player and synchronised with the video by the media player. as per comment below, all text annotations are “soft” – or also “closed”.

    ginger's thoughts » Embedding time-aligned text into Ogg

  • For those who have been following his blog from back in the Ex-fansubber days probably remember when I first began blogging about this manga.

    Anime Nano!

  • Whether they be fansubber, industry buff, seiyuu fan, or super-pro-at-Japanese-guy, the diversity contributes to a lot of discussions (and occasional wanking about blogging, of course!). Antenna

  • Of course, 'them' could just be a fansubber-brought idea but the fact that psgels and Omni, both raw watch­ers, came up with rel­at­ively sim­ilar ideas sug­gest that they are fight­ing some­thing that is not human.

    Anime Nano!

  • I was recently talking to a Sora no Woto fansubber who pointed out to me that they thought Filica was the incorrect spelling, but rather, Phylicia.

    Anime Nano!

  • Across all the shows I've been watching this season, I rarely find myself punching the wall in frustration over a stupid decision a fansubber made.

    Anime Nano!

  • Have you ever wanted to be a fansubber and create your own subtitles for anime or jdrama? Antenna

  • For more casual viewers or people not interested in the fansubber subculture, I’m not sure that layers of subs even register.

    Néojaponisme » Blog Archive » Haters gonna hate: Mori Ogai on translation


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