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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fantasise.


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  • Miss Dahl is unequivocally delightful to look at and listen to but I think it's hilarious that she delivers an opening line that strives for profundity with "I've always been interested in food primarily because I've always been interested in eating it" or declares that she "fantasises" about buffalo mozarella cheese or walks around food shops while a cover version of Billy Idol's song about wanking plays in the background.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • Unfortunately, the attraction seems to be growing every day and every night she fantasises about them.

    2009 October — Fusion Despatches

  • And it applies not only to the US but to every industrialised country whose government fantasises that new high-tech businesses are the key to industrial renewal.

    If you want to create jobs at home, don't rely on startups

  • Tracy fantasises that her mum's a glamorous movie star and that one day she's coming back to get her, but that never happens.

    The book that changed my life

  • As the cow performs the running man across the table top, however, there's a sudden realisation that the voice intoning "I like the way you let me squeeze you/I like the way you taste so fine" doesn't belong to the cow, but to Belinda, who, after years of Stepford Wife-level Sunday roast heroics now has the internal monologue of a gruff man and fantasises about farmyard animals doing gymnastics around her condiments.

    The Hard Sell: Colman's Instant Gravy

  • No squawking about it from Clegg, who fantasises about going into the history books for repealing arcane laws concerning reporting of squirrels in your garden.

    Nick Clegg signals support for banks breakup

  • Andrew Rawnsley: David Cameron, like Tony Blair before him, fantasises about turning Downing Street into an imitation of the Oval Office

    Steve Bell on David Cameron

  • The pilot whale, of the Globicephala genus, is primarily known for its distinct rounded head, long-based dorsel fin and the fact that – as the video below clearly demonstrates – it feasts on human flesh and often fantasises about annihilating mankind forever.

    SLACKERJACK – Stunt Pilot

  • Oskar is effeminate and perhaps a little autistic, and fantasises about killing his school bullies.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • He fantasises about blowing his own brains out and crushing a fellow commuters head under a train.

    AFTER DARK: BRUISER (2000) | Obsessed With Film


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