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  • verb Present participle of fantasy.


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  • Without this structuring, the threat of such unrealistic, illogical, and even bizarre thinking to overall thought and personality organization in general would be too great to permit the scientist the freedom of such fantasying.

    Idiot America

  • Too bad, some people actually remember that she was kissing McCain's arse for a long time, instead of showing some of that toughness that you are now fantasying about.

    McCain Surrogate Condemning Attacks On His Military Record Was In Swift Boat Vet Ads Against Kerry

  • I doubted it, but that didn't stop me from fantasying just a little bit.

    gambling with fate

  • If a botanist, a poet,a shopkeeper and a thief go to a garden then a botanist will see the plants and think about their life system,a poet will see the beauty of the garden and start fantasying his poem, a shopkeeper will start thinking about the fruits and market values and a thief will start thinking about the best thing to steal and best route and time to steal.


  • Someone had been doing a lot of fantasying about Anna.


  • Alerane, whiche was a building of Castels in the ayre, fantasying a thousand deuises in his minde: what might befall of that enterprise he went about: notwithstanding he was so blinded in folly, as without measuring the fault which he committed, he thought vpon nothing but vppon the present pleasure, which semed to him so great as the chambre wherein hee was, seemed not sufficient to comprehend the glory of his good houre.

    The Palace of Pleasure, Volume 1

  • But we are not - we are - we are fantasying about some of that. Home Page

  • (I know this is probably fantasying, but if one doesn't ask ...)

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • But we are not - we are - we are fantasying about some of that. Home Page

  • i recently found a recipe for a cake called pischinger and I am fantasying about what could be a replacement for wafer maybe some hints from commenters?

    Carbohydrates are addictive | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.


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