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  • n. Plural form of fanzine.


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  • (Though, technically, according to the SFS (Science Fiction Society) constitution, the "fan art" category covers stuff that appears in fanzines AND semi-prozines, where a lot of my stuff appears.)

    Do people actually read fanzines?

  • When I finally found sf fandom, both in fanzines, and shortly thereafter, in local fans and groups, around age 11-12, involvement in those activities that my obsession, and in particular I became a world-class expert in the obscure topic of the history of science fiction fandom, and related topics.

    When having a hobby was my hobby

  • Partially because he was nominated not for writings which appeared in fanzines, but rather for his writings in his blog.

    Society benefits from much voting

  • Fan artists are folks like me whose work appears in fanzines (for which they are paid nothing) or in semi-professional magazines (semi-prozines) (for which they are paid next to nothing).

    Society benefits from much voting

  • What was once a controversy that consumed several rounds of letters back and forth in fanzines and magazines, lasting months or even years, has been reduced in the era of the internet to a matter of hours.

    MIND MELD: What are the Most Controversial SF/F Novels of the Past & Present?

  • Even in fanzines that's been true -- William Atheling Jr's columns, for an early example -- if not universal.

    MIND MELD: How Have Online Book Reviews Affected the Publishing World?

  • All of this material is either beyond obscure, appearing in fanzines and other rarities through the ages, or previously unpublished.

    Subterranean Press » 2006 » August

  • There were "fanzines" - Teen Beat, Sixteen Magazine.

    p2pnet news

  • It simply meant "stories written by fans for fans, amateur fiction published in fanzines."

    Someone Is Angry On the Internet

  • (Or whether "fan writing" really applies only to stuff that appears in fanzines.) (And NO, I am NOT plugging himself for a Hugo in this category.)

    Fan writer Hugo


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