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  • adj. Not readily believable because of improbable elements therein: a far-fetched analogy; a far-fetched excuse.

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  • adj. Brought from far away.
  • adj. Not likely; difficult to believe; outlandish; wild; impractical.


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  • The voice alone, a Brooklyn Jew’s in its intonations and fast-paced rhythms, rendered the idea far-fetched.

    Sound and Fury

  • Nor was the notion far-fetched; everyone in town knew that Horace Bailey’s single failing—or at least the one failing to which he openly admitted—was women.

    The Chisholms

  • As our committee began uncovering a series of far-fetched CIA espionage plans, Goldwater called a news conference one day to discuss a bizarre gadget developed by the agency, a “bio-innoculator” that was supposed to inject poisons into targeted victims from long distances.

    The Good Fight

  • About Heba Najeeb I write … about a girl who was denied the right to choose her destiny … a girl whose right to return to her country seems like a far-fetched dream … imprisoned by her father while Egyptian officials ignore the Egyptian law and turn a blind eye to human rights.

    Global Voices in English » Egypt: Heba Mohammed Najeeb – between a rock and a hard place

  • If this idea seems far-fetched in the current political climate, take a look at what has happened in Los Angeles in the past week.

    Peter Dreier: Victory! Transforming Occupy Wall Street From a Moment to a Movement

  • In 30 Rock's universe, NBC parent General Electric is a cog in the fictional Sheinhardt Wig Co., as equally far-fetched an owner as NBC's real one.

    Critics, Emmys love '30 Rock'; when will the viewers?

  • If Japan's sovereign rating is lowered again due to a poor economic outlook, then that increased risk of default, however far-fetched that might seem, would most likely act as a drag on corporate Japan's creditworthiness.

    Japan's Credit-Rating Paradox

  • Chevron has no assets in Ecuador and the stock market gave the judgment a collective yawn on Monday, suggesting that few investors expect the plaintiffs will ever pocket the far-fetched billions bestowed by the Ecuador court.

    Shakedown in Ecuador

  • Getting there, then actually succeeding, is an outcome that's even more far-fetched than marrying into British royalty—or writing a bestselling novel that isn't about vampires.

    Why NBA Players Shoot Labor Bricks

  • Others said that while they found the timing of the attacks suspicious, it was far-fetched to believe the regime was behind them.

    Bombs Raise Stakes in Syria


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