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  • adj. Obsolete spelling of far.


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  • Its warme Enough just to Open the pores of ones body, but not to Cause sweat, I was in it and it made me shake, its farre from the heate that is in the Somersetshire baths.

    Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time of William and Mary

  • At last I attained to the side of one of these hills or ffells of Rocks, wch I passed on the side much about the Middle, for Looking down to the bottom it was at Least a Mile all full of those Lesser hills and jnclosures, so Looking upward I was as farre from the top which was all Rocks, and something more barren tho 'there was some trees and woods growing in ye Rocks and hanging over all down ye Brow of some of the hills.

    Through England on a Side Saddle in the Time of William and Mary

  • 10 And whereas by our goodnes we haue graunted them a Ropehouse at Vologda, being farre from the English Merchants house, now we haue giuen them to build a house for that vse by the said English house, and haue giuen and graunted them (of our goodnesse) ground, one hundreth and fourescore fadome long, and fiftie fadomes in breadth, according to their owne request.

    The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

  • With patience Madam I endured all before, but now (me thinkes) he proceedeth too farre, which is not any way to be suffered; and therefore I intended to let you know it, that you may perceive, how wel you are rewarded for the faithfull and loyall love you beare him, and for which, I was even at deaths dore.

    The Decameron

  • Roger Williams noted that wars among Indians were “farre lesse bloudy and devouring than the cruell Warres of Europe.”

    Between War and Peace

  • It “carries him, not out of his course, but as it were beyond his power to a farre happier flight.”


  • The castle being over, and Lambert farre enough, I resolved to goe to bed everie night, haveing had fatigue enough before.

    A Legend of Montrose

  • Speaking of the New Granada Indians he tells us that at Old Port (Porto Viejo) and Puna, the Deuill so farre prevayled in their beastly Deuotions that there were Boyes consecrated to serue in the Temple; and at the times of their

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • In 1663, faced with the likelihood of war against the tribes on its northern border, the Assembly ordered the kings of those Indian nations to deliver several children as hostages or be declared enemies; the hostages were to be "civilly used and treated by the English to whose charge they shalbe delivered, and ... brought up in the English litterature soe farre as they are capable."


  • A grande history blog which almost certainly knowes whether 'among the farre Aethiopians some olde steppes of Christianity peradventure yet do remayne'.

    Archive 2004-06-06


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