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  • 'farrer' (sometimes 'ferrar') still heard in dialect, and the final _-er_ will naturally tend to be slurred.

    The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Cæsar

  • They're juist the very marrows o 'ane anither; an' if you cairry the lines at the side o 'them here a bit farrer doon, an' get in ablo the boddam o 'the triangle, ye'll find that the corners aneth the boddam are juist the very marrows

    My Man Sandy

  • Nae farrer gane than lest nicht I heard some ongaens up the stair.

    My Man Sandy

  • Common cam 'doon an' shoo'd the loons awa 'frae pappin' Sandy wi 'duds, an' we got hame withoot any farrer mishap; but a 'forenicht I heard

    My Man Sandy

  • There was a big meetin 'i' the washin'-hoose nae farrer gane than lest nicht; an 'efter a fell while's crackin', Bandy startit to speak aboot mismirizin 'an' phrenology, an 'that kind o' thing.

    My Man Sandy

  • "No, it wasn't the shotes, it was a farrer cow," put in Clint Stone.

    Other Main-Travelled Roads

  • "I won't do it," Ike said -- "I mean I know he don't want no farrer cow, he's got two now."

    Other Main-Travelled Roads

  • "Well, Bill Gray told Jinks Ike had stole a cow-bell that belonged to the black farrer cow," said another late comer.

    Other Main-Travelled Roads

  • Naething could be farrer frae my wish than to hae helpit in the layin 'oot o'

    A Window in Thrums

  • But i 'the efternune, as she was oot for an airin, are o' the horses cuist a shue, and thinkin naething o 'the risk til a human sowl, but only o' the risk til the puir horse, the fule fallow stoppit at a smithy nae farrer nor the neist door frae a public, and tuik the horse intil the smithy, lea'in the smith's lad at the held o 'the ither horse.

    Heather and Snow


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