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  • n. The side of a moon that faces away from the planet that it orbits


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  • I prefer the north as the mobility to the entire lunar nearside and farside is much greater than in the south.

    Why Some Say the Moon? - NASA Watch

  • Using an observation technique known as farside we can determine the position of sunspots on the hidden side of the Sun. - latest science and technology news stories

  • However it does bring to mind several "farside" cartoons strips.

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • Using an observation technique known as farside, we can determine the position of sunspots on the hidden side of the Sun. Irene González-Hernández, a scientist at the NOAO (National Optical Astronomical Observatory) said during her address to the 4th International HELAS Conference in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) that: "activity in the farthest regions of the Sun.can be observed by looking at waves in the nearer regions.

    Signs of the Times

  • Lunar geology could be done less expensively with automated systems, radiotelescopes on the lunar farside actually have little advantage over terrestrial installations.

    Leroy Chiao Seeks Your Input - NASA Watch

  • Because of course the sub-lunar composition is different on the farside than the Earth side.

    July 12th, 2009

  • Internationals contribute their part and also build their own site on lunar farside, anchored by the U.S. base at the north.

    Dennis Wingo - Why Space? Why Now? - NASA Watch

  • This might - actually - save manned spaceflight as building telescopes on the Lunar farside or a fleet of super-Hubbles at L2 or wherever may require on-site human engineers to accomplish.

    INTERVIEW: Michael Hanlon, Author of Eternity, Our Next Billion Years

  • She flicked Her tail and cantered around to the farside of the rock island.

    Fatal Circle

  • Ben wrote: "IIRC, it will be orbiting at EML-2 over the lunar farside [...]"

    Weiler Talks Hubble on NPR - NASA Watch


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