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  • n. Plural form of fascism.


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  • The fascisms discarded most of the trappings of Christian theism, but reused the basic caesaropapist design.

    Three Types of Civilized Societies « Isegoria

  • Both Italian and German fascisms came to power legally and incrementally in functioning democracies; both used legislation, cultural pressure, and baseless imprisonment and torture, progressively to consolidate power.

    Archive 2008-05-01

  • The first consists of lumping together the widely varying national fascisms of interwar Europe with the very different resentments, demands, and strategies of the (equally heterogeneous) Muslim movements and insurgencies of our own time — and attaching the moral credibility of the antifascist struggles of the past to our own more dubiously motivated military adventures.

    What Have We Learned, If Anything?

  • The Kuomintang was a directive association created by the great Chinese revolutionary Sun Yat Sen, and it had gone through various vicissitudes; it had a rough general resemblance to the Communist Party and the various European fascisms, and, like them, it sustained a core of conscious purpose throughout its community.

    The Shape of Things to Come

  • Eroding solidarity paradoxically makes a society more susceptible to the construction of substitute collectives and fascisms of all kinds.

    Elfriede Jelinek - Interview

  • The early twentieth-century fascisms didn't enter their golden age until the proletariat in the countries that gave them birth had been reduced to abject poverty.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • Why do you think Israel cannot change — which, I have to tell you, sounds bizarre, especially when one considers how much deeper and longer-running are the racisms, apartheids, ethnic cleansings, fascisms, and other sins of so many other countries which, nonetheless, noone is calling for removal from the world community on grounds of incapacity to set themselves right.

    The Myth of the New Anti-Semitism | Jewschool

  • It is easier to account for this set of behavioral biases as part of the common evolutionary heritage of our species than to argue that it is simply a monumental coincidence that the social and behavioral agendas of all fundamentalisms and fascisms are essentially identical.

    Archive 2004-12-01

  • Both of who have to live through and suffered through those twin honors, fascisms and totalitarianism, during the 20th century.

    CNN Transcript Nov 6, 2001

  • In 1968, he was officially condemned and removed from his post by the "Association of sporting and touristical journalists" after the publication of his famous tale "World finals in progress: Oswiecim six million; humanity zero," a reputed fiction which made the equation between German fascisms with cruelties of Soviets in Czechoslovakia and US in Vietnam.

    Jan Oszustwo


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