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  • n. Plural form of fastness.


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  • The Pakistani government might not control the desert and mountain fastnesses of Baluchistan, with their rebellious and smuggling tribes and dacoits, or bandits.

    Pakistan’s Fatal Shore

  • He read only fear and panic from the sounds, deduced that the village was fleeing to its mountain fastnesses, but did not know the cause of the flight.

    Chapter 19

  • So it happened, when the posses had begun to penetrate the mountain, and when the man was compelled to make a daylight dash down into the Valley of the Moon to cross over to the mountain fastnesses that lay between it and Napa Valley, that Harley Kennan rode out on the hot-blooded colt he was training.

    Chapter 36

  • By the close of the thirteenth century, the Christian kingdoms of Castille and Aragon were descending from their mountain fastnesses, and spreading over the lovely plains of the south, even to the Mediterranean coast, as one beautiful Moorish city after another yielded to the persevering advances of the children of the Goths; and in 1291 the nephew of our own beloved Eleanor of Castille, Sancho V. called El Bravo, ventured to invest the city of Tarifa.

    A Book of Golden Deeds

  • The few goods and chattels he may have managed to accumulate he puts on his back, along with his doors and windows, and away he heads for his mountain fastnesses.

    The Yellow Peril

  • As in Thomas Mann's "The Magic Mountain," the snowbound fastnesses seem to warp the standard measurements of time.

    Tender and Tense

  • Eric Rudolph, the cunning neo-Nazi nutjob behind such crimes as the 1996 Atlanta Olympics bombing, became something of a folk hero when he eluded an extensive, years-long manhunt by scavenging in the mountain fastnesses of North Carolina.

    Manhunt Tales To Track Down

  • And if he were driven from it in turn, he knew of gorges among the jumbled peaks of the inner fastnesses where he could lead his subjects and live.

    Koolau the Leper

  • And when they returned next morning with reinforcements they found only the mooring-stakes of Big Alec's ark; the ark itself remained hidden for months in the fastnesses of the Suisun tules.

    The King of the Greeks

  • Once in the fastnesses they promised, and the two men could defy Wolf Larsen.

    Chapter 16


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