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  • n. Plural form of fatwa.


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  • The practical judgments or legal opinions, known as fatawa, reflect the insights of a jurist who has been able to connect cases to an appropriate set of linguistic and rational principles and rules that provide keys to a valid conclusion of a case under consideration.


  • This despite the fact that MUIS, the ministry for Muslim affairs, has written two fatawa permitting the donation of organs in emergencies to save lives (the fatawa were written in 1986 and 2003).

    Muslim Girl's Organs Save Four People

  • This section removes the ability of both extremes of Muslims, the al-Qaeda types and the Secular/Pro-regressive Muslims, to write legitimate fatawa.

    The Amman Message

  • The eight mathahib are the only legitimate providers of fatawa for the Ummah.

    The Amman Message

  • By the way, the modern Wahhabi ideological establishment published a censored edition of Ibn Taymiyya's majmu'at al-fatawa, after removing what adds up to about two volumes of what is not Islamic enough for them.

    Thursday, June 07, 2007

  • But still, I think, when we don't go after every single wretched Muslim that live a dangerous un-Islamic life, I don't think we need to really issue a fatawa about her, given the fact we have a lot worse Muslims around here.

    Response to a Comment regarding my Sania Mirza Post

  • In all honesty, the vast majority of fatawa that are issued deal with very mundane, daily life issues.

    Response to a Comment regarding my Sania Mirza Post

  • She would have expected the Shia to take a more conservative response (i.e., agreeing with the fatawa).

    Sania Mirza

  • Cole's blog, Informed Comment, has a somewhat lengthy post in which he cites numerous "major Muslim clerics and religious bodies" that have all issued fatawa against OBL.

    Tom Friedman and "Deaf" Americans

  • Ms. Mirza herself has declined comment on the fatawa.

    Archive 2005-09-01


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