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  • n. Plural form of fatuity.


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  • Ant, LGF, The Weekly Standard, Pam Geller, Caroline Glick, Israeli Insider … why not spend time with folks who share your hopelessly scrofulous fatuities?

    Matthew Yglesias » Endgame

  • Not the fixture it once was as there are so many foreigners at schools now it is deemed divisive and beginning to be replaced with celebrations of ‘The world of hope’, and other glutinous fatuities.

    Christmas Message

  • Death of the Old Queen in 1901; a nasty and expensive war in South Africa presaging a deadly rivalry with her vicious grandson, the Kaiser; a "Great War" that bled the country white; two decades of stupidity and drift marked by fatuities such as the restoration of the gold standard and the myopic placation of unappeasable dictators; another cataclysmic war, which caused the reluctant surrender of global supremacy to the United States.

    Downhill All the Way

  • This is what happens when European governments mouth fatuities about the so-called "war on terror": they then get hoist by their own rhetorical petard.

    Will the EU Ever Stand up for Its Citizens?

  • The New Republic's "Idiocy Watch," which is cataloging the fatuities, is full of the musings of novelists.

    Blame America At Your Peril

  • He treated him withan elaborate deference, and he seems to have regarded his very fatuities as forming part of the mysterious equipment of militarygreatness.

    FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871

  • And all unseen by you a host of heaven — sent fatuities swathes him about, even, maybe, as they swathe you about.

    The Wheels of Chance: a bicycling idyll

  • In Platform, Houellebecq undertakes to explore the fatuities of the modern tourist industry, from its openly pedophile version to its ostentatious and hypocritical "eco" - prefixed one.

    Holy Writ

  • His books are full of brilliant talk — talk real and convincing enough in its purport and setting, but purged of the languors and fatuities of actual commonplace conversation.

    Robert Louis Stevenson

  • John Rodden's The Politics of Literary Reputation: The Making and Claiming of "ST George" Orwell examines the highbrow department of the Orwell cult, which has had its own fatuities.

    The Politics of Literary Reputation (reviews)


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