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  • n. An early European weapon consisting of a curved blade on a long pole

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A weapon of the middle ages consisting of a scythe-shaped blade with a long handle, and differing from the war-scythe in having the sharp edge convex. It is often confused with the guisarme and the halberd. Also falsarium.


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  • Meanwhile a real-life adolescent, 12 year-old Mathew Evans eloquently asked judges to repeat the word "fauchard" not because he wanted to giggle at it's similarity to the word "fucktard" but because is a mature, English-excelling, genius competing in a honored competition and not a 20-something year old blogger patrolling the Craigslist. org ETC section of the job board looking for a short and easy, yet lucrative temp job.

    Giulia Rozzi: The Word is Querulousness. That's Querulousness

  • Cutie-patooty Matthew Evans was felled by fauchard, a Medievial weapon with a curved blade.

    Brenda Scott Royce: Last Speller Standing

  • He dropped his fauchard over his shoulder, and stood aside, staring impudently at the Maiden, and muttering foul words.

    A Monk of Fife

  • On the drawbridge, standing sentinel, was a French man-at-arms, a young man of my own age, armed with a long fauchard, which we call a bill or halberd, a weapon not unlike the Lochaber axes of the Highlandmen.

    A Monk of Fife

  • She passed, with her two gentlemen, but the French sentinel barred the way, holding his fauchard thwartwise.

    A Monk of Fife

  • We gripped and swayed for a moment, then the staff of his fauchard coming between his legs, he tripped and fell, I above him; our weight soused against the low pales of the bridge side, that were crazy and old; there was a crash, and I felt myself in mid-air, failing to the moat far below us.

    A Monk of Fife

  • "I said, 'get out my face, mo-fo, 'fore I shove a brand spanking new fauchard up yo butt.

    The Sportsman's Daily: Trash Talking Contestants Roil 82nd Annual Spelling Bee


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