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  • n. In geology, a part of the earth's crust comprised between two parallel or nearly parallel faults, and which has been lifted above or sunk below the general level of the adjacent region, as one of the results of the crust-movement during which the faults originated.


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  • Ecoregion 13 is composed of northerly trending fault-block ranges and intervening drier basins.

    Ecoregions of Nevada (EPA)

  • Ecoregion 13 is composed of northerly trending, fault-block ranges and intervening, drier basins.

    Ecoregions of Utah (EPA)

  • Only a few streams originate in its fault-block mountains and provide water to lower and drier ecoregions.

    Ecoregions of Utah (EPA)

  • The Great Basin and its adjacent mountains contain hundreds of north – south trending fault-block mountain ranges separated by broad valleys; the valley floor elevations are often over 900 meters (m) above sea level and many of the ranges exceed 3,100 m.

    North American Deserts ecoregion (CEC)

  • Geologically, it is a tilted fault-block mountain, higher to the south than north, and is the oldest and most important example of the paleo-metamorphic system representative of the Cambrian Period in eastern China.

    Mount Taishan Scenic Beauty and Historic Interest Zone, China

  • Ecoregion 13 is internally-drained and composed of north-trending, fault-block ranges and intervening, drier basins.

    Ecoregions of Idaho (EPA)

  • Ephemeral streams, internal drainage, dry shrub-covered valleys, alluvial fans, and rocky, rugged, fault-block ranges are characteristic of the Central Basin and Range (13).

    Ecoregions of Idaho (EPA)

  • Opponents, however, remain skeptical that roughly 200 wind turbines, some towering 415 feet above the juniper and sagebrush, wouldn't detract from the grandeur of the 9,733-foot fault-block mountain and its wildlife.

    All Today's News - Sightline Daily

  • The central feature of the park is the Teton Range - an active, fault-block, 40-mile-long mountain front.



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