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  • adv. In a fearsome manner, or to a fearsome extent

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  • In a fearsome or fear-inspiring manner; fearfully; timidly.

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  • adv. in a fearsome manner


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fearsome +‎ -ly


  • My father, who was kind of fearsomely and stereotypically male, was a painless, magically unintrusive blood drawer, whereas my mom could basically pin your arm down with her knee and jab the needle into you like she was trying to nail you to the tabletop.

    Has Desegregation Stalled? Trends in Gender Segregation of College Majors

  • We are fearsomely brave women who eviscerate ourselves so that others can learn, and can help others.

    Tew's Day!

  • The review in the Los Angeles Times captured much of the apparent consensus about the movie, including the characterizations of Mark Zuckerberg as "extremely unlikable," "self-absorbed and arrogant," and "socially maladroit" (and, it had to be acknowledged, "fearsomely smart").

    Bella DePaulo: Facebook Movie: The Arrogance of Achievement vs. the Arrogance of Inheritance

  • Goodwin, nicknamed “Fred the Shred” for his brutal cost-cutting, was an autocratic and fearsomely controlling boss.

    Macho management is irrational and inefficient

  • Taking the place of my mother was my older sister, a fearsomely strong figure, who, if I were left for dead in a pile of leaves at the bottom of a 15-foot hole, would be the first to run to the edge and fashion a rope of her own hair to haul me out.

    On Being a Bad Mother

  • Her fearsomely powerful voice, however, easily filled the Superdome.

    Jackson honored at Essence Music Festival

  • She is unnervingly quiet and observant, fearsomely protective when loved ones are threatened, and disastrously susceptible to the "dangerous scent" of men.

    Unfamiliar Journeys

  • The brightly colored habanero strides in, looking like a furious kid about to blow his top, which is about right for the fearsomely hot, little round pepper.

    Smoke Signals: The glory of a Hatch chile

  • Mr. Thubron sees sorrow as intrinsic to Tibet: "The country was born in violence," he writes, and "is fearsomely alone."

    On Holy Ground

  • It features Rocksteddy and Pandrava and residents Progression and Ethos playing back to back, while the main room headliner is the fearsomely talented scene star Youngsta.

    Clubs picks of the week


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