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  • v. Alternative spelling of featherbed.


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  • We note with interest the feather-bed on which Helen Bailey has fallen, after her exit from the boys' club that Sir Nick Macpherson runs at HM Treasury.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • Note—Hilarious rumour of Johnny Rochester having his clothes and money stolen while he was with a wench, walking home stark naked, only to return (clothed) to find that is was the wench who had stolen the clothes in the first place (and stuffed them into her feather-bed).

    Exit the Actress

  • The first movement's Impressionistic landscape featured a piquant, upward soaring melody with a series of falling thirds from a protagonist oboe, flitting above a feather-bed of sustained string harmonies and bass piano, and punctuated with a walking-like figuration in the piano's treble register, all becoming more urgent toward its close.

    Rodney Punt: World Premiere by Peter Golub at Chamber Music Palisades

  • He laughed, pulling me into the great pink feather-bed.

    Exit the Actress

  • He was established in a very small room, whose only furnishings consisted of a table -- at which he was writing -- a couple of rough chairs, and the universal feather-bed, this time made on the floor in one corner of the room.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • The despatch made my mind easy with respect to the objectionable feature of my original instructions, and of course relieved me also from the anxiety growing out of the letter received at Hancock Station the night of the 28th; so, notwithstanding the suspicions excited by some of my staff concerning the Virginia feather-bed that had been assigned me, I turned in at a late hour and slept most soundly.

    She Makes Her Mouth Small & Round & Other Stories

  • The bed had obviously been made for the days when a whole family slept together on one mattress; the gigantic feather-bed must have consumed the entire productivity of hundreds of geese, and navigating through the drifts was like crossing the Alps without a compass.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Having someone who is seen as emblematic of how politicians feather-bed themselves on every time the numbers come out will hardly be helpful to Labour.

    The second home row keeps on rolling

  • Some opine that this would be a good thing for that which is left, for Scotland is palpably a drag on the rest of our economy and costs Englishmen dear, given the enormous subventions to which handout-junkie Scotland has become so addicted as it seeks to feather-bed its citizens without having to go through the pain of actually paying for all the goodies they get.

    Kingdoms in Ferment?

  • I have slept well and slept rough, have lain on a feather-bed of my own and on a pallet of dry grass beneath a drumming tent in a rainstorm.

    Wicked Will


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