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  • n. The Stipa pennata of southern Europe: so named from its long plumose awns.
  • n. In Jamaica, the Chloris polydactyla.
  • n. See chloris, 4.
  • n. One of several American species of Stipa, including the crested feather-grass, S. coronata, of Arizona and California, and the slender feathergrass, S. tenacissima, of Texas and New Mexico; also S. comata, one of the needle-grasses, and S. viridula, the feather bunch-grass.
  • n. A weed, Leptochloa mucronata, of cultivated grounds southward in the United States and in Mexico and Cuba. Its panicle is composed of many slender spreading branches. See slender-grass.
  • n. The velvet-grass, Holcus lanatus.


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  • Grasses along the Ili River in eastern Kazakhstan include feather-grass Stipa and fescue Festuca.

    Tian Shan foothill arid steppe

  • But the probable homeland of the first Cossacks was a sea of undulating feather-grass steppe surrounding the lower meanderings of the Don and Volga Rivers.

    Russia's Holy Warriors

  • Ravines winding across the plain with their walls of red earth, a sea of waving feather-grass, marked only by the print of horses 'hoofs leaving trail like a myriad birds' nests, and by the graves of the Tartars who in wise silence watch over the buried glory of the Cossacks ...

    Nobel Prize in Literature 1965 - Presentation Speech

  • And above them the feather-grass waves in the blast.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 58, Number 358, August 1845

  • That is the "feather-grass;" it is a very rare grass, and has been seldom found wild in this country.

    Country Walks of a Naturalist with His Children

  • The river is but thinly timbered here, the soil being and and sterile; on the bluffs, however, the grass is very good, being the gramma or feather-grass, and numerous flocks of sheep are sent hither to pasture from the settlements higher up the stream.

    Wild Life in the Rocky Mountains

  • They are very fond of a game they call Seneca, played with some round rushes, similar to the Spanish feather-grass, which they understand how to shuffle and deal as though they were playing with cards; and they win from each other all that they possess, even to the lappet with which they cover their private parts, and so they separate from each other quite naked.

    Narratives of New Netherland, 1609-1664

  • While the tinkling of sheep-bells from the ledges of the rocks came down to me, the passionate warble of nightingales, that could not wait for the night, must have risen from the leafy valley to the ears of the listless shepherd-boy gathering feather-grass where goats would not dare to venture, or eating his dark bread in the sun on the edge of a precipice.

    Wanderings by southern waters, eastern Aquitaine

  • They are more beautiful than Pampa, or even feather-grass.

    The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss

  • Then under foot there were patches of woolly feather-grass and fragrant meadow-sweet, sheets of fescue, dog's-tail, creeping-bent, and meadow grass.

    La faute de l'Abbe Mouret


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