feather-weight love


from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In racing, the lightest weight allowed by the rules to be carried by a horse in a handicap.
  • n. In sporting, a boxer, etc., whose weight falls within the lowest of the divisions prescribed by the rules —heavy-weight, middle-weight, light-weight, and feather-weight; hence, a very light weight, or a person of very light weight.
  • n. A frivolous or flippant person; one of slight ability, influence, or importance.


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  • Having aced this test three times already, the small, outboard-wheeled feather-weight did it in three runs.

    Automotive X Prize: Aptera completes the handling test, West Philly triumphs

  • Reading as an onlooker is such a treat and Elizabeth Baines positions the fulcrum of each story with absolute precision and then, with the most feather-weight whispers, proceeds to tip the balance of power first one way then the next.

    Balancing on the Edge of the World

  • McLame is not feather-weight, so I'm looking for a close Obama win tonight.

    Here's How Tonight's Big Obama-McCain Showdown Will Unfold

  • My head hit the windshield, the force of the impact made my 140 pound body feather-weight and in slow motion I slid, witness to a sickening cracking sound, underneath the steel frame of the bus.

    blog: February 2009

  • When I first picked up the 1. 3-oz set of padded earpieces, connected with a feather-weight wire, I was excited about the idea of getting stellar quality without looking like Princess Leia at the gym (not that there's anything wrong with that).

    Worth It? Pink Gadgets for Women

  • In these testing times the Yanks will go for someone who knows real pain, rather than a supercilious feather-weight who looks as though he would faint at a paper cut, particularly if the blood marked his Armani suit.

    Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege

  • They will huff and they will puff and they will huff and puff - and they will blow your house down if at all possible before they will give up a feather-weight of their power.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • You're Keithland's first sane Firelord, and still you haven't a feather-weight of good sense. '


  • The roads being in some places very bad, and neither the lady nor myself being feather-weight, the springs were frequently brought down upon one another with a very disagreeable jerk.

    Lands of the Slave and the Free Cuba, the United States, and Canada

  • "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away" and men's defiant or wailing attitudes under an unexpected visitation of adversity only re-act to their own ultimate prejudice and do not lessen the heavy burden by a feather-weight.

    The Doctor's Daughter


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