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  • adv. In a fecal way.


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fecal +‎ -ly


  • Cholera is a bacterial infection caused by the ingestion of fecally contaminated water or food.

    Joe Amon: Why Democracies Don't Get Cholera

  • If the fecal coliform test comes back positive, indicating that your well is fecally contaminated, stop drinking the well water and contact your local water authority for instructions on how to disinfect your well.


  • Was our message of wrestling our Democratic Republic back from our would-be feudal overlords, hounding them screaming naked into the night, while righteously putting the terror of an angry Citizenry into the withered hearts of our fecally-minded elected employees ... was this not as "bootylishess" as we had thought?

    Michael Gene Sullivan: Making a Killing

  • Didnt help that I was stuck on a crowded escalator with a man who had soiled himself, fecally.

    dailycomic Diary Entry

  • Then people pick up things by walking through fecally contaminated soil — it’s like a toxic waste dump, and if you have any cuts on your feet…”

    Why Essenes Died Young | Jewschool

  • They are likely to be present in areas of potential fecal contamination in the home, such as diaper pails and changing tables, toilets and toilet brushes, sinks and tubs because we wash there, and any places that fecally contaminated hands are likely to touch.


  • Interesting factoid from class: Giardiasis, a disease commonly spread through fecally-contaminated water or food, was once referred to as “gay bowel disease” because a sizeable cluster of the MSM population was spreading it through their sexual activities.

    qdiosa Diary Entry

  • The most important criteria for wells, springs, and underground rainwater storage containers (e.g., cisterns) is that they be located a safe distance from sources of contamination (e.g., latrines, fecally contaminated streams, animal pens, etc.).

    Chapter 10

  • If a person drinks fecally contaminated water, he is likely to surfer from an enteric disease.

    Chapter 6

  • Food can be contaminated by dirty hands or raw infected water, or by being exposed to fecally contaminated organic fertilizer or garden soil.

    Chapter 6


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