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  • An obsolete or dialectal form of feather.


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  • For example, consolidating IT infrastructure, streamlining supply chains, using advanced business analytics to reduce improper payments, and switching from expensive custom code to standardized software applications could save more than $1 trillion over a decade while upgrading and improving feder al support and information services.

    The Time for Spending Cuts Is Now

  • The oil industry is wrestling with how to address the pervasive problem of undertrained and overstretched workers on deepwater rigs as feder al investigators probe those issues in the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe.

    Deepwater Drillers Face Labor Dilemma

  • While feder isn't going to win, anything thats gets her closer or makes wolf look bad is helping to defeat him in the next election.

    Disgusting Politics in the 10th

  • October 30, 2008 at 11: 37 PM here is one last comment to the post - if you notice in the picture above - it is none other than judy feder in the back ground. the harrassing by the trackers started way before this frame and judy walked right by and let it take place.

    The Thin Line Between Tracking and Stalking

  • Converting the $3 billion in feder al funds earmarked for the original rail tunnel project could require legislation.

    City Could Extend No. 7 to New Jersey

  • The Arizona Daily Star reports that a 27 year old man named Walt Staton from Tucson, Arizona could be sentenced to up to a year in prison and a $10,000 fine after being convicted of littering on feder ...

    Marlene H. Phillips: Arizona Man Arrested for "Trying to Save Lives"

  • In other words — according to Bernstein — five Supreme Court justices have legitimate power to release every inmate from every state and feder prison in the United States.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Abigail Alliance and the Declaration of Independence:

  • That way, vbspurs, simon, downtownlad, and the great majority of commenters here could be on the preapproved list, and go at it without delay--heck, even feder belongs on that list, since despite the fact that almost everything he writes is quite preposterous, when was the last time you had to chew him out for violating the decorum of the place?

    Here comes your "national nervous breakdown."

  • Bush rewards Abu Ghraib military lawyer with feder...


  • A student in the US has had a visit from two feder...

    In search of good news


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