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  • n. A box which contains a set of feed-gears or other apparatus for feeding a machine.
  • n. A box in which oats or other feed for horses or cattle is kept.


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  • Before the summer storm had impetuously spent itself, the friends were crowded companionably in the feed-box, feeding the reassured Gypsy peppermint sticks -- Tess had met Arthur Simpson on her way to the Library -- and talking earnestly.


  • She resisted the stable for some time, but after carefully examining it with her hoofs and an affectedly meek outstretching of her nose, she consented to recognize some oats in the feed-box -- without looking at them -- and was formally installed.

    Short Stories of Various Types

  • Patsie was ticklish, and twitched her loose hide nervously and gnawed at her feed-box with little squeals of excitement.

    The Wind Before the Dawn

  • The feed-box was of two-inch lumber instead of the usual sort.

    The Wind Before the Dawn

  • This immunity of theirs distilled the more bitterness in her heart because gossip was now at the heels of her and Mr. Copple, following them as chickens do the feed-box.

    Different Girls

  • He rubbed her feet, and covered her with the buffalo robe and horse-blankets from the pile on the feed-box.

    Main Street

  • 'Any time I cut loose a good thing you gets the info right from the feed-box.'

    Blister Jones

  • Moreover, he had never saved a jockey's life nor a jockey's mother from eviction, hence feed-box tips were not likely.

    The Auction Block

  • Everybody's got some feed-box information -- especially the ones you don't hire.

    The Winds of Chance

  • They had been restive, backing and jerking and pawing and nickering for their feed-box.

    The Prairie Wife


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