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  • n. Plural form of feedstock.


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  • If you take a look at that segment, which is where we now report the kind of feedstocks to Styron because we put in place the carve out and of course, they have arrangements where we supply them ethylene and aromatics and other key building blocks for their businesses.

  • It will have the capability to process biodiesel from a variety of sustainable "feedstocks" including recycled restaurant grease, domestically produced soy, canola, biomass and algae.

    The Earth Times Online Newspaper

  • Among the desirable characteristics of biofuel "feedstocks" is the ease by which they can be deconstructed.

    Science Blog - Science news straight from the source

  • These fuels can be generated from a wider range of feedstocks, meaning any plant-derived materials, or biomass, not just food crops.

    Climate Ark Climate Change & Global Warming RSS Newsfeed

  • He also discusses the MANY possible resources, or "feedstocks" which can be used to make biodiesel, and it is here where the possible competition with food production becomes an issue.

    Mole's Progressive Democrat

  • Natural gas and its associated liquids are the primary raw materials, or feedstocks, that enable the chemical industry to create 96% of all the domestically manufactured goods Americans purchase and use daily.

    Shale Gas Is Helping Industry, Too

  • Biodiesel, a market valued at around $10 billion a year in Europe, is made from feedstocks like wheat, rapeseed and palm oil.

    European Ethanol Producers' Taxing Issue

  • They instead use feedstocks such as algae, municipal waste and grasses like miscanthus.

    Biofuels Industry Battles Past Bumps in the Road

  • South Korea is engaged in a sustained drive to buy up foreign natural resources, ranging from rare earths to oil fields, to supplement its meager domestic fuel reserves, secure supplies of key feedstocks for industry and piggyback on the commodities supercycle.

    Pushing Daewoo International Toward New Direction

  • Dow's reason for the expansions: "competitively priced ethane and propane feedstocks."

    America Needs the Shale Revolution


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