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  • noun Food for livestock; fodder.

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  • noun uncountable feed for animals; fodder
  • noun countable Any particular form of such feed


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

feed +‎ stuff


  • The United States Institute of Peace, which I admit I'd never prviously heard of, have issued a paper saying terrorists use the Internet too but for more routine activities than the hyped-up cyberterrorism feedstuff of the mainstream media.

    Archive 2004-04-18

  • Lithuania meanwhile banned imports of animals, animal products and feedstuff from China, Thailand, Honk Kong and Vietnam, while

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • In England BSE was transmitted to cows through feedstuff supplemented with offals from scrapie-infected sheep.

    Physiology or Medicine for 1997 - Press Release

  • It has been transmitted to other animals such as mink and cats, and more recently to cows (mad cow disease or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, BSE) through contaminated feedstuff.

    Prions infect animals and humans

  • When feedstuff containing sheep offals was banned, the incidence of BSE decreased rapidly.

    Prion diseases arise in three different ways

  • The United States probably leads the world in developing sorghum as a feedstuff.

    11. Sorghum: Fuel and Utility Types

  • High-lysine sorghum with its inbuilt robustness and drought tolerance could well become a vital feedstuff for northern China; large, dry areas of the Soviet Union; much of the Middle East; the semiarid zones of India and Pakistan; substantial portions of Mexico; and other places that are dry, salty, and lacking in lysine-rich feeds.

    10. Sorghum: Specialty Types

  • But the crop is a more important feedstuff even than that.

    11. Sorghum: Fuel and Utility Types

  • In at least one location, prunings from the contour hedges are sold to dairy farmers as a feedstuff and are replacing rice straw as bedding for animals.

    2 Case Studies

  • For all its importance here, vetiver is not a fine feedstuff.

    2 Case Studies


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