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  • adverb Alternative spelling of feet first.


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  • He's been dragged feet-first from his fireplace bed by a bear, a real bear, and now it rises to its full height and crashes down hard with its paws on his chest.

    The bit with the bear attack (novel excerpt)

  • By then he'd gotten a lot of momentum going, and when the swing peaked at six feet in the air, he jumped, arcing in a feet-first dive, and landed safely.

    Sea of Tranquility

  • In such fashion, stabbing Van Horn to the heart because of his inability to convey his kindness to her across the abyss of the ages that separated them, she slunk away to the companionway and crawled down it feet-first like some enormous, large-headed worm.


  • In the latter case, then-Sen. Bob Packwood R., Ore. was actually carried into the Senate feet-first by plainclothes police officers after Republicans walked out to avoid a quorum.

    Skipping Town: Tried-and-True Tactical Trick

  • I scrubbed the floors and walls, then I lifted into the air, sailing feet-first through the empty rooms.

    The Memory Palace

  • All the sweetness on display here is occasionally undercut by slightly sour moments when Ms. Martin, in her own words, jumps "feet-first into the politics of food."


  • You know, jumping feet-first from a height, it is very difficult to hold the body perpendicularly while in the air.

    Under the Deck Awnings

  • A firefight ensues, then a dizzying rappelling scene and — guns blazing — a feet-first, window-shattering breach of a control room.

    First look: 'Call of Duty: Black Ops' swoops into action

  • And I could back-dive with a once - over and go in feet-first from eighty feet above the surface -


  • It is amazingly revealing that our ID critics pretending to 'speak for' science on the issue of design in life would jump feet-first into this thread to argue that the hypothesized existence of a contemporary record of Jesus 'life and teachings means that the canonized Gospels are somehow fake or that the contemporary record of events means the events described never happened.

    An Amazing First Century


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