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  • n. A genus of carnivorous mammals, including the domestic cat, the lion, tiger, panther, and similar animals.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The cats as a genus; the typical genus of the family Felidæ and subfamily Felinæ: formerly coextensive with the family, now nearly the same as the subfamily, but excluding the lynxes, or still further restricted.

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  • n. type genus of the Felidae: true cats and most wildcats


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  • Cytauxzoan felis, which is causing the fatal disease Cytauxzoonosis in domestic cats. added the disease isnot common in central and northern Missouri, it is believed to be spreading.

    Columbia Missourian: Latest Articles

  • The state of New York expressly prohibits "any person to slaughter or butcher domesticated dog (canis familiaris) or domesticated cat (felis catus or domesticus) to create food, meat or meat products for human or animal consumption."

    Is It Legal To Eat Your Cat? Slate's Explainer Takes On Marinating Cat Story

  • Ctenocephalides felis or what the locals are calling Vampire

    Night of the Living Dead Fleas. |

  • In this extraordinary collection, 24 master storytellers look into the inscrutable eyes of felis catus, and see a reflection of the frightening, the fantastic and the bizarre.

    2009 April « Dark Whispers

  • “Bobcat” prolly means short-tailed — unlike felis domesticus!

    Actually, I prefer “Robert”. - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • NB: felis sylvestris, the now-rare native 'wildcat' may differ from felis domestica in ways other than gestation period, so researchers are urged not to be misled to try any experimentation or involvement with these also somewhat less compliant animals.

    So much tidier than bloodshed

  • I am looking for the simple recipe for an aspect of the genus felis domestica, in particular that of the male of the species, commonly known as the 'tomcat'.

    So much tidier than bloodshed

  • There is no need to sketch him; the species is as well known as that of the felis domestica.

    Madame Firmiani

  • The team examined fossilized tooth enamel of leopards, lions, and spotted hyenas, in addition to three extinct species: Megantereon; Dino felis, a false saber-toothed cat; and Chasmoporithetes nitidula, an extinct hunting hyena.

    Ancient Enemies

  • Of these, all but "Dino felis"-- more on that in a minute-- showed ratios that indicated that they fed on humans

    Ancient Enemies


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