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  • Model had expressed contempt for the "Jewish and democratic poison of materialist ideas" and only two weeks before his suicide had ordered an "examination" of the prisoners in the local jails that resulted in the deaths of more than 200 inmates: not a Roman, then, just another brutal fellow-traveler.

    Fearsome Days

  • It is part of the larger meme about his being an arab, a fellow-traveler with terrorists, a secret muslim, a sleeper cell, an "other," an "unqualified black man," a socialist.

    Discourse.net: Media Matters Patiently (Pointlessly?) Rebuts Each and Every Birther Claim

  • As a result, young Stephanie Grace -- pretty, smart and blonde -- has become something of a celebrity and a cultural touchstone: among conservatives, she represents a voice that speaks a truth nobody dare utter; among liberals, she is a specimen of a certain type of highly educated fellow-traveler who might very well be standing next to one, doing the down-dog position, in yoga class, polluting one's chakra with her hate-speech.

    Khanh Ho: Words of Advice to Young People: The Case of Stephanie Grace

  • She is a fellow-traveler of the emerging biopunk movement who argues passionately on behalf of open-sourced genomic databases.

    io9’s Annalee Newitz Coming to SA! | Missions Unknown

  • It should also be noted that, before innovative artistic programs eventually became a part of public diplomacy during the Cold War, Secretary Marshall, according to The New Yorker's Louis Menand, had "announced that no taxpayer money would be spent on modern art ..., and the State Department issued a directive that no artist suspected of being a Communist or fellow-traveler could be exhibited at government expense."

    John Brown: Public Diplomacy: "Out" for the U.S., "In" Overseas?

  • I say this as a fellow-traveler of liberalism and as one who recognizes that many liberals fear the heartland.

    Cohen: Who is reading about Sarah Palin -- and why?

  • Now, take the link-rel approach from HTML, and we have a shorthand attribute (“rel”) that we can use to create a machine tag that follows the standard namespace: predicate = value format, like so: flickr: rel = friend flickr: rel = family twitter: rel = followed dopplr: rel = fellow-traveler xfn: rel = friend foaf: rel = knows

    Machine tagging relationships | FactoryCity

  • CheneyLeaks, by contrast, forced its exposé down the throats of fellow-traveler columnists some of whom declined to publish, while others published despite being told by the CIA that they should not.

    Paul Abrams: CheneyLeaks vs. WikiLeaks

  • It would have made more sense to tap someone from the pool of ex-Communist or fellow-traveler screenwriters who knew the history and the movies.


  • ( "Thug" applies equally well to the unrelenting, virulent malignity I confront daily in unrelenting emails from the wrong-wing, in which Chambliss is an eager fellow-traveler.)

    Paula Gordon: Thug(s)


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