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  • n. The state or period of being female.


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female +‎ -hood


  • She talks about the ways in which the ultra-femme-ization of femalehood and the appropriation of male chauvanism (straight women attending strip clubs to be “one of the guys” is an easy example; she gives many better ones) are two sides of the same coin, both justified (and commercialized) with the language of “female empowerment.”

    Sea of Reeds - Danya Ruttenberg

  • Such rosy ideals of femalehood are a sham, post-feminist women agree; they do little to prepare us for the hours, the tedium, and the exhaustion, not to mention the wave of useless men.

    A Gloom of One's Own

  • She should have known only the sorrow of pure femalehood, such sorrow as makes the eyes of heifers soft.

    The Judge

  • Mr. Kirkpatrick realized his ambition to see with his own sharp puncturing little eyes (Aileen said they reminded her of a sewing-machine needle playing staccato) several of the most flagrant examples of capitalistic extravagance where parasitic femalehood idled away their useless lives and servitors battened.

    The Sisters-In-Law

  • "This is who you've been waiting for," cry the Republicans, "What a grand example of femalehood and she is yours, all yours for the taking."


  • Margaret Thatcher’s femalehood didn’t make her a fluffy bunny, nor did it make her intelligent, left-wing, determined, frivolous or anything other than biologically capable of falling pregnant.

    2008 November « shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows


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