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  • n. Plural form of femininity.


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  • I want to suggest that what we are seeing is not just a harking back to a safe, bygone or mythical age when 'men were men and women were women', but rather the construction of a new femininity or, better, new femininities organized around sexual confidence and autonomy.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • We need critical media literacy to analyze how the media construct models of masculinities and femininities, good and evil, and become critical readers of the media who ourselves seek alternative models of identity and behavior.

    Jackson Katz: Conversation with Philosopher on School Shootings

  • Now more than ever, when we have HIV/AIDS and other STD epidemics to address, as well as the never-ending warfare that rely on perpetuation of masculinities and femininities to expand imperialist agendas, we are in need of gender analysis.

    Is Women's Studies Being Made Irrelevant?

  • And even this foolish woman, with her femininities and re-invigorating society, I believe to be a regular quack.

    Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 55, No. 342, April, 1844

  • I have no sort of liking for either, but own, had that woman been a man, she had been a great one, so entirely does she subdue her heart and all the femininities in her to what her reason demands.

    The Ladies A Shining Constellation of Wit and Beauty

  • Is not this in keeping with the profound practical wisdom which, notwithstanding the puerilities and small femininities which abound in some of the published writings of England's royal family, makes their pages still worth the reading, and lets us into the secret of the true womanliness which, despite all blemishes and foibles,

    In and Around Berlin

  • M'booley smiled benignly at these delightful femininities.

    The Land of Footprints

  • To-day national honor speaks louder than anything, and the same patriotic duty which formerly bade me say "Wait yet a while," may lead me to cry, commanding the Carlists, "Forward," and not only the Carlists, but all Spaniards, especially to the two national forces which still bravely withstand the enervating femininities of the regency, the people and the army.

    Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom

  • Page 158 and influential femininities of the sex - as well by the

    The old plantation : how we lived in great house and cabin before the war,

  • Once he had been on the verge of sounding Maurice in regard to Madame, Maurice was so learned in femininities; but this would have been an acknowledgment of his ignorance, and pride closed his mouth.

    The Puppet Crown


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