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  • n. Plural form of femtosecond.


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  • If you shoot a particle at them and knock a hole in them, they repair themselves; they go zip and they repair the hole in femtoseconds, which is not -- is really quick.

    Bill Joy muses on what's next

  • Each laser pulse packs a 220-millijoule punch into just 60 femtoseconds – an intensity “equivalent to the power of 1000 power plants,” says Kasparian.

    Scientists Create Laser to Generate Clouds that Could Trigger Rain on Demand | Impact Lab

  • Those laser pulses are only 2.5 femtoseconds (that's billionths of a millionth of a second) long, and the light that flashes off of the neon was calculated at 80 attoseconds (that's billionths of a billionth of a second) long.

    Science is Badass

  • We are reassured by the confident hypothesis that RHIC's 2005 "fireball" – theorized to have produced a double micro-hole – evaporated in mere femtoseconds even after sucking up a goodly amount of matter that simply disappeared from existence completely, never to be seen or heard from again.

    A Very Cool, Very Big Machine

  • Whilst the invisible effect lasted for only an extremely brief period – an estimated 40 femtoseconds – it demonstrates that such an exotic state of matter can be created using very high power X-ray sources.

    Transparent Aluminum

  • Which for you should take all of two 2 femtoseconds.

    Hitching a lift

  • This time is 3.34 femtoseconds or 0.00334 picoseconds.

    AGU Fall Meeting « Climate Audit

  • If you look at time resolution, electromagnetic radiation travels one micron in 3.34 femtoseconds.

    AGU Fall Meeting « Climate Audit

  • These enhancements do not bring GPS to the accuracy claimed by Watkins of 1 micron, or a timing error of 3.34 femtoseconds.

    AGU Fall Meeting « Climate Audit

  • One wavelength of K and Ka band radar requires between 25,000 and 55,500 femtoseconds, depending on the frequency used.

    AGU Fall Meeting « Climate Audit


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