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  • n. Plural form of femur.


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  • Keon Blake went back into surgery Tuesday, the latest in what his mother says will be a series of operations to repair broken facial bones and two broken femurs suffered when the 17-year-old senior plunged from a third-floor balcony above the atrium of McKinley Technology High School Friday evening.

    Mom: Questions unanswered in student's 3-story plunge at McKinley High School

  • I also can't wait to see where this "automobile" fad goes and I'm against women showing their uncovered femurs in public.

    Edward Murray: The Poor Top Two Percent

  • Long days and Pierrot, hunched and digging in the dust of fields for bones, sparrow bones, gopher bones, skulls or femurs—How Pierrot threw the half skulls of finches through hoops.

    The Clown Show

  • Now this gaggle of Pierrots emerged from a single station wagon, pink tongues extended and lace collars pulled, a hundredfold human luggage untangled onto the final lawn, where they milled and mulled like philosophers the gravity of a world so easily fled and where jugglers plucked and tossed femurs and jaw bones from the loose soil.

    The Clown Show

  • The stairs looked like rows of teeth from the street, the hard granite curbs the femurs and fibulas and tibias of the neighborhood.

    Time of Death

  • The studies were prompted by reports of broken thigh bones (femurs) among women taking bisphosphonates for several years.

    Boning up on the link between Fosamax and atypical fractures

  • Broken femurs aren't a common fracture in osteoporosis (most fractures occur in the vertebrae, hips, or wrists).

    Boning up on the link between Fosamax and atypical fractures

  • The Foundation points out that millions of people take bisphosphonates, but only a handful have had broken femurs.

    Boning up on the link between Fosamax and atypical fractures

  • Hikers on the half-mile Fossil Discovery Trail spot dinosaur femurs and vertebrae embedded in a cliff, and explore the outcroppings to find other bone fragments from the mighty beasts.

    Visiting Utah

  • I don't need someone running off with one of my femurs, or a tibia bone, or an intact skull.

    Dead End


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